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Mike Colucci

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Mike Colucci played in his first tournament in the early 70’s. During that time like thousands became caught up in Fischer fervor. Right after the 72 Championship, Mike met John (Jack) Collins who taught many GM’s including Bobby Fischer. Collins liked Mike and became his mentor. Mike quickly started to improve his understanding and rose 500 points. Collins gave Mike a membership in the Marshall Chess Club where he met many great players. He also invited Mike to the first Collin’s kid's Match in Reykjavik and Nebraska. Mike had the honor of meeting Bobby Fischer in 1974 when during Mike’s lesson he visited John in preparation to defend his title against Karpov. After 20 min. he was introduced and Bobby felt bad that he interfered, so he offered to play a blitz game. He removed a knight and took only one minute. He played twice. Mike’s best tournament was the 1986 US Open Corr. Championship or Golden Knights. Around 1200 players. Mike finished first with a 17-0-1, drawing only to his friend in the semi’s. Before computers were used! Mike reached 2410 Corr. and around 2200 OTB, winning or placing in 130 events.