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7th Annual State Warm-Up

One hundred and twenty-one players came out for the 7th Annual State Warm Up held February 22, 2014 at Mother Teresa in KOP.  This event is usually the biggest event of the year as many people get ready for the State Championship, held 2 weeks from now in Carlisle (2015 will be in Lancaster.)

       In the Under 200 section, Jay Laird won with a perfect 4 - 0 score, just edging out Justin Lam and Paul Stricker.  Lam and Stricker each had 3 wins and a draw.  In the Under 500 section, Evan Liddy and Ethan Soloway both scored a perfect 4 - 0.  Evan took first on tiebreaks.  In third place, Matthew Enders had 3 wins and a draw.  In the Under 800 section, Sriraj Kallat and Nolan McCloskey both scored a perfect 4 - 0, with Sriraj winning first on tiebreaks.  In the Championship section, Aneesh Raparla was the only perfect score, and thus won the section 4 - 0.  The section was very competitive and 2nd and 3rd were the only two other players with three wins.  These were Michael Bai and Caleb Zhang respectively.
        In two weeks, many of the tournament participants, and a few Shining Knights students who were not at the tournament will try to win state titles and trophies.  We hope they all have a good time and wish them the best of luck in their games.

December Crush

     On December 7, 2013, 91 players participated in the December Crush tournament in Conshohocken.  In the Under 200 section, Derek Qin and Bruno Basner both scored a perfect 4 - 0 (Qin won 1st place on tiebreaks.)  Shawn Beigian came in 3rd with a 3.5 - 0.5 score.  The top team was Hillside Elementary with 8.5 points.  In the Under 600 section, Harisankar Radhakrishna scored the only perfect score.  Places 2nd through 9th were all taken by kids scoring 3 - 1.  The top scoring middle school was The Philadelphia School, with 9.5.  In the Championship section, Leo Berg scored a perfect 4 - 0 to capture 1st place.  River Travis Lawson and Kian Jamasbi scored 3.5 - 0.5 to share 2nd and 3rd place.  River Travis earning 2nd on tie breaks.  Skyview, which has a team trophy in every event this fall, won the team trophy with a score of 11.5.
         We look forward to seeing everyone at the 7th Annual State Warm - Up in King of Prussia on February 22nd.   There will even be new sections for the event - Under 200, Under 500, Under 800 and Championship.
         Hope everyone has Happy Holidays!

2013 Scholastic Tournament


                On November 9th, 2013, 87 players met to decide the 2013 Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Championship.  In the K-12 section, no one escaped unscathed, but Teddy Willis, was nicked for only a draw and won the event with a 3.5 – 0.5 score.  Three Pocono Mountain East High School players tied for 2nd – 4th with a 3.0 – 1.0 score.  They were Andy Weng, Sean Crowley, and Alex Quirindongo.  Pocono Mountain East High School won the team competition with a score of 11.5. 

                In the K-6 section, Jeffrey Gong and David Sang, both of Skyview Elementary, scored a perfect 4 – 0 with Gong taking the title on tiebreakers.  Ram Singh finished 3rd with a score of 3.5 – 0.5.  Skyview having two players with a perfect score, it is not surprising that they won the team category with 14.0 points. 

                In the K – 3 section, Aneesh Raparla (for the 2nd time) and Chase Vitulich tied for first with perfect scores.  Seven players tied for 3rd to 9th with 3 points.  The top team was Hillside Elementary with 7.5 points.


The Autumn Knight Tournament

              The Shining Knights tournament season start in Lansdale on October 19th.  This event, The Autumn Knight, had over 70 students participate.  In the Under 200 section, Unrated Nikhil Rangppagari scored a perfect 4 – 0 score.  He was closely followed by 7 players who scored 3 – 1.  The top team was Friends Select with 6.0 points.

                In the Under 600 section, Vineeth Gabbireddy and David Sang both scored a perfect 4 – 0 with Gabbireddy taking the title on tiebreakers.  Places 3 to 8 were all covered by players who scored 3 – 1.  The top team was Skyview Elementary with 12.5 points.

                In the Championship section, Tate Park edged out four players with 3, by winning 3 games and tying one.   The top team was The Philadelphia School with 7.5 points.


Scholastic Quad Tournament

On June 8th, 2013, 24 players met in Newtown for our Scholastic Quads Tournament. The 1st place winners of the rated quads were as follows: Ohm Shah with 2 points, Tejas Shah with 3 points, Arya Nagaraja with 3 points, Pranav Shah with 3 points, and Ian Zwall with 3 points. In our only Unrated quad, Christina Williamson won with 2 points. Congratulations to all of our participants!!

And thank you to Smoothie King of Newtown for their support and gift certificates 

2013 Spring Finale

      Shining Knights Spring Finale brought over 40 chess players in three sections to Valley Forge.  By fat, the largest section was the U200 section where three players tied for first with a score of 3.5-0.5.  These players were Jason Zheng, Christopher Simmons, and Ryan Hu.  The top team was Ridge Park Elementary.

       In the U600 section, Michael Gao finished first with the only perfect score.  Skylar Pinto came in 2nd with a score of 3.5 - 0.5.  In third place, with a 3.0 - 1.0 score, was Vineeth Gabbireddy.

       In the Open - Under 1000 section, Lance Kay, the 7th seed, scored a perfect 4 - 0 score.  Peter Kimball and Jack Lieberman with scores of 3.0 - 1.0.  The top team was Whitemarsh Elementary with 7 points.

       We hope that you have enjoyed the Shining Knights tournaments this year and look forward to your participation next year.


Chess Pieces of April 2013

On April 27th, Shining Knights had 53 players meet in Conshohocken for the Chess Pieces of April tournament. In the U200 section, Jacob Bushee won 1st place with a perfect score of 4.0. The top team in the U200 section was East Goshen Elementary with a score of 7.5.

In the U600 section, Max Lin was able to secure first place with a score of 4.0 despite tough competition. Alan Shi and Cade Jin combined for a score of 5.0 to bring back the first place team trophy for the U600 section to Mill Creek Elementary. 
Finally, in the K-12 Championship section, Roshan Paul won first place with a perfect score of 4.0. Both Whitemarsh Elementary and Bridge Valley Elementary achieved a team score of 4.0 with Whitemarsh taking the first place trophy on tiebreaks.
Congratulations to all who played and we hope to see you at the Spring Finale on May 18th!!