114 children competed in the 2019 Shining Knights Chess Pieces of April on a glorious Spring day.  It was great to see familiar faces as well as dozens of new tournament players.  There were players from quite a diverse number of chess teams, representing their schools with their bright, analytical minds.  Thank you all for your great participation in a fantastic tournament brimming with smiles and good sportsmanship.

Here are the top players per section:
 K-6 U200 Individual:                             Top Teams: Gladwyne Elementary followed by
1 AMIR AHSAN                                                              Our Lady of Mt Caramel
3 Nicholas Lalwani
5 Niko  Snee-Garza
6 Reid Blarney
and special props to 3 pointers Jaidon Horvath, Victor Pan, Oliver Kosmalski and PRATIRP MALVANKAR


K-6 U500 Individual:                        Top Teams: Skyview followed by Lower Gwyned

1 Luke Navarrete
2 Ryan Sensen Brenn
3 Advaith Elluru
4 Owen Rutt
6 Brian Hsieh
and kudos to Faye Fei Mo and EDWIN VUONG

K-12 U800 Individual:                        Top Teams: Colonial and then Skyview in 2nd

1 Anderson Chan
2 Jake Anton
3 Kasyap Tumuluri
4 Alex W Babka
5 Rhea Sofia Howard
6 Austin Li
nice job Josiah Tjoe and Kathan Desai


K-12 Championship Individual:                       Top Team: Pickering Valley

1 Vasishta Tumuluri
2 Max Kikkawa
3 Brian Li
4 John M Cureton
with special props to medalist Yajat Gupta
In case you missed it...

Nakamura and Yu are 2019 U.S. Champs

By |April 1, 2019|News, Top American Players, Women

It took two weeks, eleven rounds, and a heavy dose of final day drama, but US Chess now has its 2019 Champions: Hikaru Nakamura and Jennifer Yu.

Yu was effectively crowned after the tenth round, when no one else could catch the 17-year old from Virginia. Hikaru Nakamura had to wait until the very last game was decided in the Open Championship to claim his title. His victory over Jeffery Xiong coupled with draws by co-leaders Fabiano Caruana (against Sam Shankland) and Leinier Dominguez (against Timur Gareyev), gave Nakamura his fifth U.S. Championship.